The Ugly Truth

Social Media

This is my greatest pet peeve about social media: the mindless perpetuation of untruths and half-truths. What has the power to be an enlightening tool, and one that can connect us in deeply meaningful ways, becomes something that instead recklessly reinforces our most troubling dysfunctions. It has, at times, become a raw open sore on our collective psyche, but it does not have to be that way. Social media could be something wondrous,  even something that has the power to uplift the human race. It could even be something that can help us usher in radiant new paradigms of existence.  Still, which when it is used to regurgitate unsubstantiated rumors, deify insipid reality television stars and is guilty of inflicting on us assorted other nonsense that keep us mired in the mud and the dreck, it becomes a runaway cancer that gnaws away at our very souls. We do not need to wallow in the muck; we are light made manifest.

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