The Radiant Truth


When I slow down and become totally immersed in the radiance of presence by giving my complete attention to what is, I relinquish whatever unholy attachment I had to time. It is an exquisite feeling. It is simple to do, yet how often do we succumb to the illusion that we are shackled to the prison of space/time by forgetting to surround ourselves with the loving embrace that resides in the now?  We too often want to wander away from it, and to get lost in the crazy energy of the world. To return, all we have to do is find a way to is to see the divinity hidden in ordinary things. You will not be afforded a glimpse into that which lies beyond the material realm unless you create inner spaciousness.

You need to find a way to connect with the limitless realms that lie within. See if you can go five minutes without burdening your mind with a single thought. Try and see if you can spend an entire day in sacred silence. Get out to a nice lake nestled in some pleasant foothills, and do not even think about taking that goddamned iPhone 6 with the LifeProof case with you. Set your restless mind down as if it were a workman’s tool  almost as ordinary as a screwdriver and give your thoughts the day off. You can call them back when they are needed again.  Slip off the heavy overcoat that is the part of you that sees itself as a person, and become one with the infinite glory that is the sun. There is a radiant truth to our existence, and that truth is,  you are not separate from the cosmos, but part of it and something even larger than the cosmos. We are always ever so afraid to acknowledge this.

Our mission was never to see how much we could accomplish in this thin strip of time we call our life. It is to create so much inner spaciousness, that we can encompass not only every human being who ever lived in its oceanic depths, but also the universe and so much more. We are not persons. That is a tragic misperception of our grandeur. We merely pretend to be. We really are sparks of the divine. We game reality by playing little theatrical games with existence. We do a disservice to the mind-boggling totality by thinking this way. We need to see ourselves as more than little specks of dirt and mud who somehow found a way to make vocalizations. We will be rotting corpses soon enough. Le’t not pretend we will continue to drive to Walmart every Saturday afternoon with Aunt Gladys to buy coffee filters until the end of time.  This is, and has always been the truth.

2 thoughts on “The Radiant Truth

  1. Love this! The only way I could read it was to copy and paste it to FB. I did this to show you that when I go in here the page is blank. However when I did, the article pasted itself there. I’m so computer illiterate. I love the website! I tried to design one for my business but got so turned around and could not accomplish it. Yay you are writing and I’m loving it.


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