Mind Your Own Business

Consciousness, Human Behavior, Spirituality

There’s a great level of peace that comes with minding your own business. This is because folks who go within, and do not seek to meddle in the affairs of others, nor seek control over others, have minds wholly undisturbed by the turbulent ripples that are an invariable result of the strenuous mental effort that it takes to make sure that everyone walks the same self-righteous path as yourself. The tendency to do this, unfortunately, is a byproduct of being a slave to religious dogma, and it is something that is not good for you or anybody else who has chosen to incarnate on this physical plane. Religion has no business dictating how others should live. If you want a truly authentic spiritual experience, walk out in silent reverie into the great cathedrals of nature, such as our majestic forests, or our tumultuous waterfalls with their deafening roar, or our precipitous cliffs that ascend heavenward.  Did you ever see a bird or a tree that was presumptuous enough and so full of its own self-importance, as to issue dictates on how we should live? There is not a single moral imperative to be found on the sands of the seashore, nor any self-righteous pronouncements emanating from the diminutive mouths of the avian splendor that is the cardinal. This is why religious dogma, with its stultifying dictates that utterly kills all vestiges of spiritual ecstasy, is now being seen as an enormous obstacle towards spiritual transcendence.

The empty shell that is the artifice of the religious existence is something individuals around the planet are gladly dispensing of in record numbers. We need to find ways of practicing spirituality that do not involve decreeing, in minuscule and nauseating detail, exactly how one should think lead their life. Seekers need to get away from this entirely. When you cease to do this, you will discover a beatific peace, and for merely that reason, the world will be an infinitely better place. I envision a day when the religious structures of the planet crumble completely into dust. They will no longer be needed anyway, if a true Christ consciousness arises. However, when the old religious monuments fall away, there will be new cathedrals of the unseen variety. At least, these glowing edifices will not be perceptible by the human eye, which is altogether unable to peer into the innermost dimensions of existence.  These great cathedrals, shining in translucent beauty from a wondrously imagined future,  will be not be constructed from brick and mortar, but from materials of a more ethereal provenance; woven from ecstatic ingots of  glistening joy to be found only in the loving recesses of the human heart, where we always find those things which are most sacred to us.

These new holy basilicas will spontaneously arise out the ancient dust of tired old ideas, and will be sanctuaries where the new consciousness can be birthed. They will fan the flames of a new way of being, for this new form of beingness will not be confined one bit by the oppressively heavy chains of moral rectitude. This great conflagration of consciousness will easily escape the bricks or stones that comprise a church, synagogue, mosque, or any other places of worship, because it will find these buildings entirely not to its liking. Or, if you try to contain it within the prison of dogma, it will burn up this prison with the all-consuming flames of spiritual awareness. Nothing in this world can stop it, and nothing can stand in its way. So mind your own business – make your only business to be that of finding your own spiritual truth. “Educare”, the Latin root for “education”, means to “bring out from within.” This is the nature of true education and true enlightenment: to go as deeply within as you are able to go, and find the glittering diamonds of truth that lie in wait here, and represent that which possesses eternal value. So, in the end, whatever you do, do not mind the business of others. You will get way too stressed out, and your poor mind will be all aflutter; abuzz with violent perturbations caused by the need to make sure others are living by your rules. Religion is too much in the business of telling others how to run their lives. We need to stop doing this altogether. We should not care even one iota what others do. We should not be spiritual busybodies, always worried about what our neighbor across the street is up to.

Let us mind our own affairs in order to find the immense peace that passes all understanding. This will be a time when humanity finally transcends its need to issue moral directives; when it dawns on us that this has always been an appalling act of self-sabotage and always will be. It will now be an era, always dreamed of by the greatest philosophers who ever walked the earth, when ethics triumphs over rules. If everybody lived in synchronistic alignment with the one consciousness, we would not need overarching moralistic intrusions into our private affairs anyway. Everybody would just naturally respect the personal autonomy of others, and do what was best for the whole. Now, maybe these grand religious structures will not literally crumble into dust. More than likely, they simply will not be needed anymore. They will still retain their significance as historical curiosities from another age, but will no longer be spiritual shrines that people flock to in order to get a paltry taste of the glory that that is God.  I am not denying that these ancient monuments might contain some form of residual spiritual energy. Perhaps, they will even become transformed by the new consciousness into revered temples where one can go to worship the divine in a way that does involve the enslavement of dogma.

Because I believe a church can be a tool, an accessory, a stepping stone on your way to find God, but one that you can ultimately dispense with. Perhaps, in my imagined future, they will be restored to their former glory, but become meccas where one learns how to light the flame of their inner candle. One can hope. However, it has been my experience that even the religions with the best intentions invariably stray into territory where they think its okay to issue moral directives. They just cannot help themselves. Priests telling parishioners what they can and cannot do in the privacy of their own bedrooms; like telling gay people that it is sinful to be in love with those that just happen to be of the same gender as themselves..  How dare this loving couple offend the more sanctimonious amongst us by following the moral imperatives of their hearts!  I’m sure even Buddhists, who seem to me to be free of most of the evils of organized religion, eventually make up rules that serve as moral straightjackets. Every potential meddler into the affairs of others needs to be reminded that adhering to rules is not how you find God. That path is a walk away from peace and the inner divine light into a kind of all-encompassing darkness. So, mind you own business. The word will thank you.

4 thoughts on “Mind Your Own Business

  1. I’m looking forward to that day. So much of the strife, violence, vitriol, and grief in the world is a result of religious strictures that are severed from the heart. The prophets are rolling in their graves in despair.

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  2. As brilliant as this piece is, the one thing that comes to mind is this: I don’t know if it is so much “religious dogma”, as you put it, as much as it is something much simpler: EGO. The beautiful examples you mention, unlike humans, do not have an ego. The sands that beckon us, as much as the water it protects, does not criticize our feet when we trample it. It has no ego, no inborn sense of self-importance as we humans do.

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