To See Is to Create

Consciousness, Spirituality

Our observational ability is far from a passive act, for is essentially the very act of creation itself, and there is nothing more powerful than this. This ability is the most creative act imaginable. It is absolutely awe-inspiring that the powers that be love us so much, that they have given us the chance to use our divine abilities to birth new worlds into glorious existence. If enough of us focus on something, it will come to be. This is cosmic law, and as we evolve as a species, we will get increasingly better at this. Every sentient being that walks on the earth is like a cosmic superhero, and is capable of amazingly miraculous things. We can bring an infinitude of realities or interdimensional possibilities into being through the act of seeing which alters the very structure of space/time, in almost unimaginable ways, because you create change at the most fundamental subatomic level.

And, you have been lovingly been given the gift of this immense power by God. Also, remember that the very universe itself was lovingly brought into being through a perceptual act. You can create whatever you want through this divine ability, but know that it is not you doing the creating, but the transcendent realm flowing through you by your freely allowing it to do so. This power is benevolent beyond comprehension, and wants to create good things for you and all others who share the planet with you. You can channel this energy and focus your spiritual perception on what you want to help it bring forth into manifestation. Be the eyes for the universe, and then through you, it gets an opportunity to know itself. The universe then becomes you. It is a creative symbiosis of the most wondrous kind that emanates from a place that transcends the physical plane, and this place is ultimately incomprehensible through the intellect. We are all perceptually creating this mind-boggling immense tapestry we call “reality”, and this tapestry is woven from the multitudinous threads which are the collective sum of our unique observations.

Our perceptual mechanism is so inherently powerful; observations made locally can affect everything that exists, even on a macrocosmic level. This goes beyond the well-known “butterfly effect”, for, it is not only possible for the most minuscule of actions to shake the very foundation of creation, but our collective observations of the universe will exponentially accumulate, ending in the prevailing paradigm being toppled, if that what our intention is. And, as we all know, the entire universe was made manifest when the Self observed Itself. We are on an upwards trajectory that cannot be stopped. We are destined to ceaselessly create better conditions for ourselves and all other life forms, and there is no end in sight as to what we can do with our astonishing powers. So, be mindful of what you put your attention on, and use your godlike gift of perception to bring forth from the ineffable dimension glorious new possibilities. We are all metaphysical artists collaborating on the most magnificent art project imaginable, and our canvas is the entirety of space/time, and all the realms of existence that lie hidden within it.

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