True Spiritual Strength

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I issue a challenge to ever one of my spiritual brothers and sisters journeying with me through time, space, and the myriad dimensions of all that exists, to really see their own brand of spirituality as something that strengthens them. Too often, we equate spirituality with weakness, as if it was nothing more than a psychological deficit that must be eradicated through rigorous discipline. Instead of falling headlong into this disappearing trap, meditate on ways your all-encompassing embrace of that glorious realm that transcends our ordinary state of consciousness makes you exceedingly robust – so that you possess an almost preternatural resiliency that can help you weather any of the turbulent storms that threaten to overwhelm us with negativity, despair, and a pervasive sense of ennui that causes us to lead a colorless existence.

Spirituality can add vibrancy to our lives. It is not weakness, even though it gives us the ability to be more vulnerable and empathetic. A hardened psyche is so utterly fragile, that it will break into a billion glittering fragments at the first sign of psychic trouble. We must allow ourselves the necessary luxury of psychological softness, because that makes us more us better able to handle the stresses of life, so we are not like the proverbial oak tree, which snaps in the wind. We must be willing to be spiritual superheroes who, because they have allowed themselves to be completely consumed by the effulgent fires of spiritual truth, gaze with eyes of profound love upon those suffering in silence.

So, cultivate the super-ability to radiate powerful beams of love from your eyes, and allow that power to utterly transform despair into hope; turn sadness into joy; and restore sight to those lost to the voracious hunger of the dark shadows, which are always waiting in the wings, ready to devour us. This is our task on this rocky globule of dust we call the earth: to live up to our higher calling – a calling that predates our descent into primordial matter – to become these mighty superheroes, whose overriding strength is tenderness of spirit.

Gaia Unbound

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Angelic orbs of beatific significance
Undulate in a slow circular dance
Pulse outwards from elysian realms,
Mystical energies to envelope
The earth
In a fiery embrace,
Womblike in their effects
Healing Gaia, who has been
By those supremely indifferent
To her holy majesty
With tender ministrations,
The crimson-tinged waves of sacred love
Radiate with great power from beyond forests
Of primeval sanctity
Distant in both space and time
Trees of infinite splendor, that flourish in verdant extravagance
Their viridian spires ascending heavenward,
Springing up in otherwordly realms from whence
Fluttering epiphanies take flight
With ectstatic fanfare
The stupefying arrival of supernal energies
Joy incomparable
Transforms all beings with its energetic gambol
A grateful world
Afflicted with an insatiable thirst
For that which is transcendent in nature
Thirstily imbibes the divine elixir
Peace is the sublime
And agape is the ethereal gift
That is ours if we are ready to accept it
And in the end,
Beyond the ineffable sadnesses
And bitter truths of existence
A great announcement wafts downwards from heavenly expanses
Oneness has enveloped
The world, and
The body forged from a billion hurting souls
Mutilated by scintillant daggers of unholy darkness
Dripping with ancient blood
(The legacy of suffering we have bequeathed to ourselves)
Has been saved from itself,
Once again.

Our Journey Towards Love

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We are on a wondrous evolutionary journey, progressing always upwards towards the all-encompassing light, to utterly shed all vestiges of that flimsy construct that we call our “personality.” We act like lowly snakes, slithering in the dry dust, who have swallowed the sun and do not even realize it. Deep within our bellies, we have this luminous ball of eternity, and as long as we refuse to shed the strangulating skin of our egos, the light within cannot escape out into the world to work its miraculous magic. We need to eventually relinquish this sometimes useful, but more often than not, limiting, thing. It hides our inner glow, and we are unable to ascend into the unimaginable glory of who we really are.

All of us masquerading as human beings believe that this construct gives us power, and that were we to merge into the ocean of consciousness, we would be forever lost. Nothing could be further from the truth. At the moment of union with universal love, we will finally awaken after our long slumber, and become the divine beings every one of us were meant to be. We are destined to transcend the multifarious universes that encompass the totality of space/time to become unified once more with our Creator, who is merely us restored to our fullness. We will waltz with angelic beings, even if our world, due to our collective ignorance, is destroyed. We can always create new ones out of the cloth of nothingness by manifesting them with our powerful creative energies.

Always, we will have new adventures, and create new realities from an infinitude of possibilities. Humanity will suddenly realize that there are new ways of being that we can scarcely imagine now. And, all souls are good, despite what you may have heard to the contrary. In the end, not a single one will be lost to eternal damnation during this epic journey. Some may temporarily turn away from the light, but an evolutionary process, once started, can never be stopped. Only remember that we prevent our movement into the all-consuming light of beingness because of our overly hasty desire to label others. This is because of our underlying fear that in their differences from us, they threaten us somehow. This misconception only serves to sap our spiritual strength. The other is our self, if only we could dimly recognize this.