All Good Intentions

Marketing, Spirituality, Visionary Business

Image: Richard Ainomujuni, “Karma.”

The end does not justify the means. It is the underlying intention that is important. If a company makes a donation merely to aggrandize an already over-inflated corporate ego, there is, ready-built into that intention, an inherent negative energy that will completely undermine the apparent good intentions. This is a metaphysical axiom that holds true for individuals as well as corporations. One only has to look at a company’s actions in the world to see if the welfare of humanity is what is dearest to their heart. It also might be instructive to read their mission statement, and see if there is any cognitive dissonance between this, and their actions. If there is, no amount of philanthropy will make up for this myopic failure to see that see everything is interconnected. You cannot simultaneously engage in actions that are destructive to certain societal interests, while, at the same time, attempting to assuage your guilt and trying to make yourself look good in the eyes of the world by engaging in a kind of public relations theater. The karmic scales do not work that way.

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