A Vibrant Palette

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Image: Scott Taylor, https://www.facebook.com/scott.taylor.9250

We need to embody the entire spectrum of positive emotions, as we wheel around the sun with seven billion other souls who, like us, have hidden deep within them, unhealed wounds, and hearts that are deeply scarred. Like us, they experienced unimaginably dark nights, where they felt like all hope was ripped completely from them. Like us, they were left all alone and without a single friend to make their endless pain even a little less unbearable.

Whenever we are tempted to lash out in anger towards another, we must keep the mental image of the psychological suffering that this wonderful human being standing before us endured, because we endured it, too. We are all weary travelers, who need to help shoulder the sorrows of each other through our many hardships, and our many moments of feeling so utterly alone, we beg for death, just so our exquisite pain will also die with us. We should also weep with overwhelming joy with them when they have happy news to share with us.

We achieve greater spiritual depth when we hold in our hearts such an intense empathy for others, that the range of emotions we can participate in with them is composed of a palette of so many varied colors and shades, that we know what it feels like living in their skin and their particular set of circumstances. This should part of the mission we cultivate for ourselves, because without the great depths of feeling we hold for others, we become lost. Not only to others, but to ourselves as well.

No One But You

Consciousness, Human Observation, Spirituality

You need to be, as they say, supremely independent of the good opinion of others. So, do not care one iota what others think – just be yourself in your best and highest aspect. If you do this, you will be in a state of complete self-referral. I believe that if you truly do this, your actions will be for the highest good of everyone. Because if you start to have the slightest thought for what even one other person thinks, you will be sliding down the slipperiest of slopes, which will lead right down into a kind of hell where you become a mindless servant to the tyranny of public opinion. This is not what you really want, or need, to do. You need to be in this state of perfect and supreme independence from what all others would have you do. Do not worry about what your boss might think. If you listen to your intuitive promptings, they will always do what is best for yourself and everyone else on the Earth. They will even figure out what is best for your boss. No need to project yourself into his head and see what his thoughts about you might be. This is utterly unnecessary. You don’t want to go there. You will need a psychic haz-mat suit to wade through the industrial sledge of his mental processes. It could forever poison your soul. You know, when you get right down to it, maybe your employer does not have your best interests at heart. Maybe they utterly despise your guts, and want you to suffer the most joyless existence imaginable. You do not really know, do you?

Do you want to get all stressed out over someone might think who could be secretly subverting your happiness? You can only go deeply within, and engage in what the Buddhists would call “spontaneous right action.” You cannot go wrong at all if you engage in this process, which involves going really deep within yourself. So deep, you experience the oceanic expansiveness without limit that is your true self. You will then be blessedly free from making yourself completely and utterly insane from what others mentally project you to be. Do you really want to only be a thought form without substance in the brain of somebody else? You cannot make decisions solely from a logical level; sure, you can engage your mind in the first step of decision-making, if you would like. That might actually be helpful. But then, you need to give these thoughts up to the ether, and allow your heart, that wonderfully intuitive aspect of your being, that part of you that does not suffer from the life-consuming horrors of mental dysfunction, to have the final say. It really does know best. If you are in this rapturous state, your uniqueness will not only come out, but it will rhapsodize with a singular aliveness. You will experience an exhilarating form of freedom few get to taste on this planet, if you take this advice as far as you possibly can go with it. Too many individuals are zombie-like automatons to what others or society or what Donald Trump thinks of them. Go to that sacred cathedral within, and really follow the jubilant music of your intuition wherever it might lead you. Yours will be a sweet voice, creating joy for yourself and others as you trod a path that is yours alone.

Go so deep within yourself that you tune out the rest of the universe and listen to the celestial singing that is always here. We get so wrapped up in our life-sapping responsibilities that we lose our ability to hear these songs. But we can relearn this ability. And you must always remember never to follow the crowd. They are like pre-programmed lemmings that will lead you to the edge of a cliff, where you will leap to your death into a sea of despair. So, in the end, you must liberate yourself from the constricting chains of the life that others would have you live. Then, and only then, will you have gotten rid of the soul-crushing malignancy of all negative influences. Extricate yourself from all of these dark energies in any and all ways that you can possibly think of. List a thousand ways you can do this, and then add one hundred more. And lastly…as much as possible, free yourself from thought. I say, do not live exclusively from this place. There’s no aliveness here if that is all that you do. You do not need the tool that is your mind as much as you might think. Use it to plan out your day at work, and then said it aside. It will be there when you need it again. Have times where you forget your myriad worries and cares, and just be pure consciousness. Get out there on a winding road where you are free from the cacophony of thought, and those strident voices that would enslave you. You need to meander as far out in the wilderness as possible, and immerse yourself in silence – the one and only voice of God. It is the beneficent energy that only wants good things for yourself and everyone else. This is the only voice worth listening to.

This Might Possibly Be The Nicest Thing Anybody Ever Said About Me*

Human Observation

You definitely have a unique perspective. One that is askew in the best possible way. You possess a singular wit, acerbic though it may be. That’s a good thing. I love how you have an innate knack for setting your laser sights on those perpetuating nonsense…in disingenuous and hypocritical ways. Like that person who had the audacity to disparage the woman who won the Supreme Court case, because she wore a head scarf in observance of her religion. A woman who just happened to be Muslim. The poster of the comment could not even see the cognitive dissonance in choosing a peace sign as her avatar! You saw right through that crap, and gently pointed it out to her. A perfect moment. I let out a half audible hurrah when I saw that, and could not stop chortling. Your deliciously wicked perspective does not allow you to suffer fools gladly, yet you are also deeply sensitive. And I have seen the limitless depths of your compassion. You are like some sort of psychic lighthouse cutting through the mind-deadening fog with that wonderful brain of yours. Anybody who still wants to perpetuate the dreck on Facebook should have to go through you first. You will give their delusional nonsense a quick death. Not to say that you do not tolerate divergent thinking. It’s just the hypocrisy and pandering to idiotic memes that won’t get by you. You are an irreverent, slightly demented John the Baptist, crying out in the intellectual wilderness that is the sorry state of the Internet these days, for people to wake up to the truth. You fearlessly peer into the dark soul of humanity and just waltz out on the other side, seemingly unscathed. You are a quasi-Buddhist, who has a inner flame that threatens to consume all that it false. In other words, and to employ slang the youngins might use…you rock.

*Not actually said about me. I said this about another person, and the title was her response.