The Book of Light

Consciousness, Nature, Spirituality, The Outdoors

In my dreams during the darkest hours of the night, soft whispers fill the air as I stand beside a bubbling stream. The healing waters collect the late afternoon sunlight and reflect it back to me as scintillating diamonds that dance before my eyes like mischievous sprites. These musical murmurations belong to a voice of such singular purity, that it must arise from a world that lies far beyond our own. A world that is bound too tightly to reason, and because of this, can no longer see what it can learn from the natural realm. This voice is telling me to start a journal which I should call the “Book of Light”, and use it to chronicle the subtle variations of this intriguing phenomenon. How it appears in different environments, and how my ever-changing moods might affect the way I perceive it. I consider the idea, and think that would be illuminating.

Light is a wonderful energy that greets us with loving warmth from the harsh coldness of space. It is ethereal; yet quantifiable, and it is a powerful natural force. Light exudes a beauty we take too much for granted, even though it is such a precious thing; for it is the sun’s own life-giving beneficence. I want to spend a lifetime being a student of it, and experience its endless nuances and shades. I would give anything to fly to a sun-dappled tropical island, and spend many pleasant hours contemplating the endless ways the light interacts with the clouds and the sea. To witness a profusion of rainbows birthed by the lapping waters, as they leap, in a quiet explosion of colors, from one part of the turquoise bay that marks the entrance to the island, to the other side. I desire to venture deep within the wild beauty of Alaska, and be mesmerized by the lambent curtains of the aurora borealis. I would seek out a secluded timberland above the Arctic Circle, and experience the healing lunar radiance I imagine I would find underneath the polar moon. It is wondrous beyond compare, when you think about it; all of these photons, dancing emissaries of the interstellar realm, travelling incredible distances through the interstellar void, and bathing our planet in a perfect energetic bliss. I can learn much about light, if I am receptive to the wisdom that it longs to teach me.

While I am out in the great woodland areas of our beautiful planet to contemplate the wisdom that is hidden in the glory of a sunrise, I will pray for the coyotes and the bears and the wolves, and the other myriad woodland creatures. I will not consider them merely as obstacles in my path, or enemies to be conquered. Instead, I will perceive them as my spiritual brothers and sisters, who just happen to have animal bodies. I will see past the fierceness which they have donned like a mask and see that like me, they are really the light made manifest. In fact, I know because I radiate no harmful energy, that these beings will join me on my quest. Perhaps not in a literal sense, but their presence will radiate outwards and this energy will silently uplift my soul. There, out in beauty of the forest, Nature will bestow me with gifts of the spirit, and I will gather wonderful memories of my sojourn there to take with me back to the darkness of a world that has forgotten the lessons of the Book of Light.