You Are Never Alone

Consciousness, Homelessness, Spirituality

“Alone” would be the most awful word in the English language, to those who even consider it a possibility to be alone. However, if you had even the faintest glimmer of awareness as the ultimate truth of existence, you would realize how utterly impossible it is to be what we call “alone.” This is the trickery of the ego, the part of us that holds an entrenched belief in separateness. If you really knew the inner workings of things, you would entirely eradicate the word “alone” from your vocabulary. You are an integral part of the jaw-dropping immensity of things. You should remind yourself of this fact on a daily basis. You are one with the stars, the planets, the very galaxy itself. Your kindred soul is the dewy blade grass at your feet, as well as the individual you saw yesterday picking through the trash and wearing tattered clothing, who just happens to be homeless.

The universe is your body writ large. How could you even be alone for a nanosecond if you truly understood this? Because, as so many wise mystics have intuited throughout the untold centuries, we are all part of the one consciousness. And, this is a knowing that transcends religious belief. If you really dive deep enough into the infinite oceanic depths that comprise your being, suffering and the horrific dysfunction that is over-identification with form will all fade away into nothingness. You will see yourself as part of the oneness of things, with all that entails. So, you should go deep within and know how utterly impossible it is to be alone. If you were truly alone, you would have to utterly reject the transcendent dimension that you are an inextricable part of.

At this dimension, you cease to exist as a separate person, and that is the most empowering feeling you will ever encounter in this lifetime. We get glimpses of this interconnected during meditation. If we truly knew this, we would no longer need to incarnate on the physical plane. We could utterly dispense with these physical encumbrances we call bodies. Whenever you are tempted to feel alone, bring forth a remembrance of your oneness with the totality by meditating, walking out in nature, or by engaging in selfless service to others. Finding a way to feel connected to universal love is the way to vanquish loneliness. If you forget who you really are at the deepest level of reality, you will cut yourself from the love that not only pervades the universe, but who you are stripped of the trappings of ego. And, you will cut yourself off from joy, because this transcendent dimension is the origin of all earthly joy. All this takes is the slightest leap of faith – the ability to take one breath, and then another…and then one more, in a state of complete and utter mindfulness, and a willingness to let all thoughts slip away. It is a devotion to the simplicity of this routine that will ultimately liberate you.

Curate Your Life


I love to continually return to what I have written on blogs and social media,  and revisit my earlier thoughts; preserved through the wonder of this electronic medium…too much of the stuff on Facebook is evanescent and fleeting. I enjoy coming back to these posts again and again to lovingly curate them. They never exist in isolation as mere written words. They are intimately connected to both the sharer, and the friend with whom they are shared…a living witness and testament, as David Whyte might say, to the everlasting power of friendship.

I want to savor the reminder of those who I have met along the way, and leave footprints in the sands of these shoals. A fond reminder of lives we have touched and those who have touched our own lives. A crying out against the painful brevity of life and an affirmation that there are others like us out there in the ether. They are like living and breathing paintings writ on a digitized easel. Their colors are iridescent; wild in their longingness for life.  I constantly and lovingly edit them…invited by their energetic presence to further endow them with artistic meaning. I burn with all-consuming fire to elaborate on them – to deepen their original meaning and intent. These words are constantly evolving, both through conscious attention, and also through their mysterious power to grow in spiritual strength over time. The greatest and most rewarding part of this process is the vital interchange of ideas with others, who are not really others, but ourselves disguised. But I do not want to stop there.

No…I want to use the ideas I gather from being in this wondrous forum as a catalyst for interesting life adventures both far and wide. To get away from the keyboard, and give those dew speckled begonias some love. To get out in the dirt and muck in the middle of a rainstorm, and give appreciation to the universe for the mindboggling totality of it all. To climb a colossal redwood tree in the middle of a thunderstorm and howl joyously out into the void, like the great John Muir did. To peer into the endless ineffability that it is a spider’s web. To bend down and gently kiss the iris, nature’s most underappreciated flower. To all my virtual and real world friends, thanks for sharing these moments of spirit and joy with me. You make this journey we call life even more worthwhile.