Americana, Spirituality

Wil Maring’s song, Bottomlands“, in my humble opinion, is among the very best lovingly crafted in the Americana genre of music. It evokes the spiritual possibilities inherent to any of us in each moment, but most easily accessible by being immersed in the world of nature. Although I am a bit unfamiliar with the term bottomlands, being a Northerner, I intuit its underlying metaphorical and spiritual significance: a place both immediate and remote in memory; a place where our beloved still exist, and where our dreams still flourish. A place where we can retreat from the oppressive mental burdens of our soul-crushing existence. Her wonderful song, which wafts down to us from some heavenly archetypal memory of a time where our oneness with the natural realm remains undiminished, is a favorite of mine, and will be decades from now. Its author is one of our great national treasures, but one who remains mostly unknown. It is to be hoped that soon, this will no longer be the case, and that Wil Maring  will get the recognition that she is long overdue.