We Are All Blind

Consciousness, Spirituality

This is a story of two Chinese men. One was blind, born that way due to a congenital defect, and the other had no arms. Since they have no other way to make a living, they decided travel around China growing trees, to both bring beauty into the universe, and to protect villages from floods. Also, to leave a living legacy to future generations. This was a collaborative partnership of the most extraordinary type. The one without arms could tell the blind one where to climb to locate the best saplings. The two individuals in this story illustrate a powerful metaphor: we complement each others’ abilities. We can make up for each others’ deficits. We are all broken in some way. And, it is in service to others that we are restored to wholeness.

This is our glorious task on this planet. This is what we are meant to do. We need to find out what we can do for others to restore the other to wholeness. We need to see where others are broken, and see where others are missing teeth and limbs and parts of their souls and what we can do to make them complete again. But, we are all blind and we are all missing parts of ourselves also. We need in so many ways to be restored to a glorious whole, and to restore others to this wholeness. So, we need to  recognize our self in the other. See that we are all the same Being in different disguises. We are here to help one another – to see God in the other. We will restore each other, and restore the planet. This is done by having mutually beneficial relationships with each other, which includes collaborating with others to bring beauty into the world. So cultivate beauty and joy and a wondrous sense of peace together with others. There’s  so much joy to be found through helping, particularly when we compensate for each others’ weaknesses and deficits. We are sometimes much less than the sum of our parts. That might sound disempowering, but it’s a good thing. I sometimes think that the universe set it up exactly that way. You might have a talent for this or that, and I have a talent in another area. We each have our own very specific talents. You have the gift of sight, I don’t have that, but I have two useful limbs. We are all blinded in some way. And, we are all disabled in some way. We are all damaged, seemingly beyond repair – in some way. In other areas, we are strong and transcendently able.

If you see that your brother or sister is without an arm, be that arm for that person. For most assuredly, there is a need or deficit in you, a place deep within longing to be whole, that that act of kindness will remedy. We all want to be whole. It is in the act of service to others that we are made whole again. When we recognize our self in the other, this leads to the next step in our collective evolution. And that is, we are here to give rise to the only thing that truly matters – the awakening of planetary consciousness from its long slumber. Someday, we will arrive at the Omega Point, which is the recognition that science, art, metaphysics, spirituality, and multifarious other disciplines are merely slightly different ways to see the ineffable reality, and that one day, they will unite in a glorious whole.

We are all part of that one consciousness. The Omega Point is what all prophets, poets, and mystics have alluded to for millennia, and humanity is well along on the road to that resplendent reality. This is the place where all of our accumulated knowledge, all of our combined efforts, is leading us. This is the place that is dimly glimpsed by each individual discipline, but will only be fully seen when they all become one, and when we finally see the transcendent dimension that lies beyond the obscuring veil of space and time. Then, we will be able to see God in all of her glory. But…the only way we are going to arrive here is, when we recognize our limitations, and enter into creative partnerships with those who have strengths that balance out our weaknesses. We do this by creating a community of individuals that excludes no one. And then, united as one, we become the divine beings we always were destined to be. We at last arrive, and see God. And…we become God. Our underlying divine nature is gloriously revealed at last.

Flaming Guitar Guy


Flaming guitar guy from the new Mad Max movie is my new spirit animal. He is a new sort of shaman – one for these crazy times. This dude personifies an anarchic spirit and barrels across the Australian Outback on a gleaming metallic diesel warhorse, a hulking smoking mass of a truck,  that burns human blood in its chrome innards. His guitar screams their soul-piercing chords out across the yellow dusty landscape. Some guy out there who’s been a road warrior for countless summers wants him dead. I think it’s because he is jealous.  But flaming guitar guy won’t be silenced.  He’s gotta flaming guitar, for Chrissakes (what more do you need), and he won’t keep it the hell down. He is not going to willingly climb into that pine box that awaits us all at the end of the day like some acquiesent cow would.  No, he’s going to play his guitar as loudly as possible and not go down without a fight. He will sink his blood-stained teeth deep into the sinewy neck of any fool insane enough to take him on.

He will play his incendiary guitar licks with abandon, even if he gets a bloody punch to the face. Flaming guitar guy can see himself doing this for all eternity. After all, even if the bastards strike him down, he will rise again in Valhalla. Even if they stick a dagger in his back, he will return, triumphantly, from the dead.  He is also a powerful metaphor for how we all should lead our existences: loudly blaring our music full tilt from the top of a  careening diesel monstrosity- even in the face of eventual oblivion, and when the entire universe is disintegrating into nothingness around us. His stark visage should be emblazoned on a new Tarot card, an arcana for these braver times, for he is an inspiring archetype of the post-apocalyptic world.