Consciousness, Spirituality

Art is the agreement that God has brokered with the artist which declares that the creative spark, originally bequeathed to the world when the skies were set afire with crimson splendor at the first dawn, will never be extinguished. Whenever we gaze upon a work of art, the divine part of ourselves remembers that original sunrise, which, because it is so timeless in its perfection, will always hold within its glory the latent promise of all future beauty. Art, then, is a way of reawakening the exhilaration of our primordial creative power, when we did not feel any gaping separation between ourselves in our human aspect and God, but only a pervasive sense of unity with divinity. We become restored to wholeness anytime we give ourselves over to the creative process. In the end, art helps us to return to our role of being magnificent co-creators with the Almighty, and no work of art can be brought into the world without the surrender of our broken selves to that which is triumphantly eternal.