Cinema Verite

Consciousness, Spirituality

We clothe ourselves in new bodies in order to cultivate fresh perspectives; ways of seeing into the glowing heart of the universe , that will evolve our souls the fastest. Our goal is to perceive reality through as many eyes and as many bodies as possible, until we realize that that we are so much more than these corporeal vessels that can barely contain our spiritual essence. For, try as we might to convince ourselves that we are nothing more than fleshy receptacles for our intellects, our spirit wants to leap out of their corporeal imprisonment and into divine communion with all living things. All artistic creation is evidence of this – the wordless beauty of the indescribable world beyond this one, translated into a vibrantly alive masterpiece that still carries the unmistakable fragrance of that world.


Eventually we wake up, and see that we are all collaborating with each other on a script for an epic drama that is stunningly cinematic. The plot, production values, and the acting are all quite superlative. It is all so glorious, but we must remember not to lose ourselves in the drama and forget that it’s only a movie. Every time we swoop down from our heavenly sojourn and assume human form, we add a little bit more to our accumulated spiritual experience, leading us inexorably to the point where we realize that our bodies are just reflections of our thoughts; flickering shadows dancing on the pond of universal awareness. And, like any good drama, the satisfaction of watching ourselves frolicking in the  glittering sea of materiality comes from discovering truths about ourselves and our place in the cosmos.


The more we incarnate, the closer we get to knowing that everybody is merely play-acting, and beneath our boorish costumes and petty soap operas, we find ourselves in our raw essence: scintillating little pieces of the infinite, wafting on the celestial Gulf Stream until we are all reunited with all the other little pieces. We then recompose the glory of our original form, but no longer innocent like it was when it existed before the world was formed, but deepened by a profound spiritual wisdom garnered during the heroic voyage to reconnect to that which is everlasting within us.