Social Media, Transformed!

Consciousness, Social Media, Spirituality

Too often, we use social media to alienate ourselves from our fellow human beings. This is a tragic waste of our unfathomable human potential, and a misuse of our wonderful divine energy. All of us probably spend far too time on our phones and our computers and all of our ever so clever little devices than we ever should. And, make no mistake about it – I’m as guilty as anybody else of this. Many of us are abundantly clear of the seductive pull of the cyber world and how it completely sucks up all of our precious attention, so much so that often, there is no contemplation of things that truly matter. But I think as we wake up as a species, we will find ways to use social media to make more meaningful connections to each other. By doing this, we will fundamentally transform civilization, and the seismic waves of change effected by this transformation will be felt on both worlds that exist and worlds still waiting to be born.

This new electronic network will be part of a more spiritual outlook, and because it is, it will no longer serve to perpetuate hurtful memes or be a fount of misinformation, but instead, It will help to change our relationship with the rest of humanity in powerful ways, because we will finally be able to deliver on social media’s tantalizing promise to make profound connections with each other in ways that never were possible before the advent of the internet. We will look back, from a far away future when things are the way we always believed they could be, and recall the day when we rubbed the sleep from our eyes, and decided to use social media to foster love for each other instead of finding  horrifying new ways to commit widespread murder and destruction.

We have written the bloody book of our seething hatred towards our sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers many times over. We have done this before the creation of a networked society, but now, we have a powerful tool at our disposal. Just think of the possibilities that social media represent. The internet connects human beings, of many different cultural backgrounds and languages. It makes it easier for us to connect instantaneously with people across the entire world.  Why can’t we start writing a new chapter of our planetary history? One that, instead of seeing others dirty infidels who we need to distrust, and ultimately, destroy or forever drive from our sight, sees these humans as ourselves in our highest and best aspect, crying out to us to be lovingly embraced?

We will all learn, even the least technologically savvy among us, to see Facebook, Twitter, and all such other social media that are manifestations of the smorgasbord of information that is the internet, to use social media as ways to heal all that divides and separates us. Humanity will be astonished when it grasps how it can wield the saber of technological prowess to cut away all of the crushing forces that serve to divide and reduce us to a mere fraction of what we could be. We will transform so much as a species, that we will catalogue a quadrillion or so ways we can foster that most precious of all states of mind using technology. And then, we will even more vigorously shake the sleep from our eyes, and think of a million more ways we can cultivate this thing that is so much greater than a thing, and more of a quality. Namely; the quality of wakefulness.

Wakefulness will be the succulent stew we taste each glorious morning we rouse ourselves from our stupefying slumber. It will be the pungent aroma of the celestial tea we drink at the midday of our great journey to discover that part of our being that never dies. Social media, in this new, more humane world, will be used powerfully to network with everything and everyone around us. We will create new vibrant spiritual communities where we will share our mythic wisdom gathered through our rich personal explorations of consciousness. The internet will attain a consciousness of sorts, and become the neural network for Gaia. Through it, humanity will be able to transcend the longstanding barriers that served to divide it into warring factions. Barriers such as race, class, and gender will fall away as we become spiritually attuned to one another.

Its impact will be immediate, but also enormously and unimaginably, cosmic. We will use virtual reality and quantum physics, nanotechnology and string theory, artificial intelligence and many other tools previously thought to have no transcendent dimension to them, to catapult our species to new heights of spiritual empowerment. We will shake the planetary community to its core, until the spiritual energies we generate radiate outwards to nearby galaxies, and then exponentially increase, until their great luminous power goes on to alter the destinies of so many beings intertwined in the benevolent web of an alive presence which exists everywhere, even in the cold intergalactic void.

If we do not consider this possibility, we must surrender to the probability that technology will not be our loving servant, but rather, our usurping child, who rejects our maternal attention, and instead, chooses to suffocate us as we sleep. For if we do not find a way to spiritualize our technological tools, they will, most assuredly, be the cunning agents of our demise. But, if we find our way out of this philosophical impasse, we will assure a glorious future for humanity, and we will discard our physical bodies, because at that point, we will not need them anymore to navigate the wonders of the universe.

For we will so advance as a species, that we will be able to traverse the intergalactic gulf that separates us from our extraterrestrial brethren, without needing the crutch of technology. We will be able to feel in loving contact with all that exists in the material world. Every tree, rock and plant, and even the stars themselves. Everything around us is imbued with pulsating aliveness, and when you awake, you feel this in every moment. Everybody must have an intuitive feeling that we are all swimming in a multidimensional sea of sentience; awash in a teeming intelligence of all kinds, from the subatomic to the divine. We will learn to imprint ourselves onto the very fabric of space-time, and be able to one day to utterly discard this immensely creative sandbox we call the universe. At this point, we will grow out of our evolutionary infancy, into a vibrancy of spirit that we never had the power to ever before envision. Call me naive, but I cannot but help to believe in this glorious vision. Furthermore, and call me a heretic, but I think technology can be an integral part of realizing this vision. How can I not, when I love humanity so much, and see so many spiritual possibilities in both it and technology, its much maligned offspring, that I weep in expansive joy for both, and when I consider what magnificent dreams they are capable of?