The End of Language

Consciousness, Language, Spirituality

Yes, I love words. I love how they look on the page. How they roll trippingly off the tongue. Sometimes, a single word blindsides me with such  an unexpected beauty that I could get lost in it for days. Just fall headlong into the resplendent singularity that is language, and immerse myself in the luminous wonder that lies therein. Words are imbued with a life of their own. They grow and they change like all other life forms. They are not mere lifeless things.The minute that they are written down, they start to evolve – if you lovingly nurture them, and treat them with the sacredness that is their due. They contain a leftover flame from the dawn of creation. They throb with a singular pulse and are alive with untold power. Subtle alterations in words written down on page take place, a product of a strange symbiosis between the march of time, and the shaping of spiritual forces.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, linguistic appreciation is slowly fading away. That is a damn shame. My literary heroes are those who can fearlessly perform an alchemy of sorts with the amulet of language. Words most definitely are splendorous things. However, we must never forget that their true purpose is that of signposts extending a loving invitation to come back to where it is that we really belong. Words can be suffused with a taste of the transcendent if they are written in a state of presence. They serve this purpose when they are used in poetry and in books of profound spiritual wisdom. Used by writers in this way, they carry the powerful fragrance of what lies beyond this dimension – a whiff of the infinite mystery of creation. They bring a vibrancy that comes from the realm of the of what lies beyoned the material dimension. There are effulgent realities beyond this one, and words can be the gateway.

Because you know, this world, with its myriad cares and problems, is not our true home. The true function of words is to lead us back to the transcendent dimension. To be in the world, and not of it. They are beautiful and magnificent creatures…ineffable emissaries from another realm. Everyone should be able to see the heart-aching majesty in them and realize why language was invented in the first place. And that is…it was created to transcend itself. Before consciousness descended into the universe, language was destined to come into being . But it was always going to be an interim step – to bring us to a place where it was no longer needed. Built in its very creation is its own eventual demise. One day, words will no longer be needed. We will have arrived home. No longer, will we need the primitive tool of language to provide us with a shadowy intimation of the rapturous truth of reality, for we will experience it firsthand. The wondrous truth of existence, which will be revealed when we set language aside, is that we are children of the light. We always have been, and always will be. We will have ascended out of the primordial darkness and long at last remember who we truly are.  We will cast aside our need for language and our mortal bodies and array ourselves with celestial garments.  We are creatures of unparalleled luminosity. Our long homeward journey will be over.